All throughout my childhood, growing up in a home where we had “Foster Kids” as best mates (up to eight children at any given time in the house from the ages of 1 week old to 18 years old) our house was run military style. Sure my Dad was in the forces but we knew that time was of the essence for our family – we all had our jobs to do and there were specific times they had to be done by. We worked together as a unit and delivered on time.

Later in life I joined the Military and realised why the management of what you do with your time is so important. The best lesson learned was that time cannot be bought, loaned or gifted – it’s what you do with your time that makes the difference. A wise Sergeant once said to me I should:

control the controllable and not worry about what you cannot control

I live by this methodology today.

So here are my 5 time management tips for getting your day right:

1.  Set yourself a goal that you have to complete every day. It should be something you can control and is very easy to achieve. Achieving this task every day gives you confidence to continue to do more.

Time Management Tip2.   Before you start any task:

[icon icon=”icon-cog” size=”12px” color=”#58E”] Take a drink of water (try and drink at least 8 cups of water every day). It is important to hydrate as this helps with concentration. A 2% drop in hydration brings the onset of poor performance & focus, short term memory loss, and even headaches

[icon icon=”icon-cog” size=”12px” color=”#58E”] Turn off your emails and any other distractions so that you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

[icon icon=”icon-cog” size=”12px” color=”#58E”] Put on some background music, if appropriate, as it will help you focus and be more creative

Time Management Tip3.   Use a to Do list – It will help you focus on GSD (Getting Stuff Done)

[icon icon=”icon-cog” size=”12px” color=”#58E”] Prioritising your day is the most essential tip. When you need to focus set priorities for your tasks in order of importance

[icon icon=”icon-cog” size=”12px” color=”#58E”] If you find something that can be completed in under 5 minutes – get it out of the way

4.  Make sure you have lunch everyday – don’t skip this meal as it will set up your afternoon and keep your energy levels high. Take lunch off site so you get at least 30 mins of fresh air –  take a stroll, you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

 5.  @ 5:00pm – create a DONE list.  It will show you what you have completed that day, what is outstanding and it will allow you to prioritise your day for tomorrow. It has distinct advantages in that it provides you with a boost when you see what you have achieved. It also allows you to leave work with a clear head with no worries about the next day.

Remember “control the controllable and not worry about what you cannot control” – it is a waste of time, function and energy.

[callout size=”col-12″ last_column=”true” title=”Tip” description=”Try a 30 day fitness challenge – you can do this in less than 5 mins. It will give you another priority for the day and something to put on your done list at the end of the day. It will make you FEEL GREAT too.” button_size=”normal” button_rounded=”false” button_color=”orange”]

If you are not good at doing push-ups, for example, then try the 30 day push-up challenge. You start with just three (3) push-ups on Day 1 and you add one more every day until thirty (30) days have passed (excluding the 7 rest days). After 30 days you will have done 268 push-ups when you may have struggled to do just one in the beginning.

 Inspire yourself – let this be the first thing you do tomorrow.