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Data. Insights. Change.



apd research and analysis programs generate real time data from customer research, operations audit, benchmark analysis and financial viability studies, presented on custom dashboards.



Our unique “insights” approach to data aggregation and analysis provide clients with clear insights into cause, allowing the drivers of improvement and growth to be identified and targeted.



Standards, processes, skills development and mentoring – apd’s suite of capabilities ensures that development programs work by aligning to success drivers and strategic objectives.

Optimising the Customer Experience in Your Business

apd Australia provides a consultative approach to customer lifecycle management through data analysis, cause and correction, process change management and performance measurement.

We deliver tailored change management programs driven by detailed insights that are achieved through causal analysis.

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  Unique communications platforms – customer satisfaction, financial composites and Network/Dealer viability modelling.

  Great depth of understanding of the development and fulfilment of strategy within automotive channels.

  Outstanding success rate in client business performance improvement.

  Extensive experience in managing consultancy programs across many automotive brands and sectors, such as Passenger, Motorcycle, Truck and Agriculture Machinery.

We use a variety of research and data collection processes, adapted to your program objectives. Data is essential to decision making – and our platforms ensure that you have all of the data you need, when and how you need it.

Our specific capabilities and methodologies include:

email survey
direct (personal) shopping evaluations
financial indicator analysis and benchmarking
financial viability projection analysis
store/ dealer financial KPI’s

Data is of value only when it is applied, and understood. This is the key to effective decision making – and improved decision making capability is delivered through our insights model. Understanding the drivers of customer behaviour, financial success, and operational performance is our specialty, ensuring that your focus will be on the things that matter most. The results? Improved outcomes, higher productivity, and lasting results.

Change management programs that address the specific needs of your organisation and your channel. Our specialties include network standards programs, process development, training and skills development and mentoring. apd programs are unique as they are adapted specifically for your business, addressing the drivers of improvement. Generic, shelf-style programs do not deliver results. Ours do.

Operational Analysis & Process Improvement

Customer Satisfaction & Profitability

apd Dealer Assessment reduced 4 week lead time and increased Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

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Customer Data Analysis

Data Quality Improvement

Customer Data Quality was shown as the largest area for improvement following the implementation of apd Australia’s “360 CSI” program

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Process Improvement Plan

Productivity & Profitability

apd provided specifically adapted process improvement for 5 Motorcycle Dealership Service Departments, improving productivity and profitability

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Warranty Administration Management

Warranty Audit

apd Australia’s “Dealer Assessment” equipped Agricultural/Construction Dealership Service Department to manage Warranty Audit aftermath and subsequent related sites Warranty Audits

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Performance Management Program

Labour Sales & Productivity

apd Australia’s “Dealer Assessment” enabled labour sales and productivity growth for Car Dealership Service Department

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