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Process Improvement Plan
apd provided specifically adapted process improvement for 5 Motorcycle Dealership Service Departments, improving productivity & profitability


A Japanese Motorcycle OEM with a specific objective of improved brand CSI and customer experience engaged apd Australia to conduct operating process audits across five Dealerships in three states.


The motorcycle industry generally experiences poor levels of customer satisfaction. OEM’s and Dealers understand that CSI and customer loyalty and retention are paramount to overall success and longevity in the Australian market, and must address the underlying issues of poor customer engagement.


apd Australia carried out the five Dealership reviews and identified systemic major defects in process management. The most common process gaps were targeted for operational improvement through apd’s process change methodology.

businessman hand shows best practice word on virtual screenCausal analysis identified many process gaps:

No appointments made with customer/machine/work details
Repair Orders (RO’s) were not raised prior to work being commenced in majority of repairs
RO’s not raised for internal work for used reconditioning or new pre-delivery build ups
Time cards or time sheets not used in conjunction with RO clocking
Retention of, tagging and quarantine of replaced parts not consistent
Quality management systems lacking

Summary Reports were compiled for all visits and business planners (financial impact analysis) were created to determine lost opportunities and lack of labour performance. A process improvement plan was developed and executed for each site in order of priority.

ROI web1.  RO’s to be raised for all work types

Sites were only accounting for 36%, 53%, 54%, 54% and 89% of available hours – extended RO process developed to address this issue
Associated benefits of raising RO’s for all work types include parts pre-picking

2.  Time cards/sheets used by Technicians

RO clocking times by Tech’s cross referenced with Time Cards/Sheets
Better workshop Practices and documentation for all repair types
Working to scheduled operation codes as per appointments made
Labour reports setup to measure productivity, efficiency and charging efficiency

3.  Parts Inventory management and control

Rolling stocktake introduced, with delegated authorities established to maintain inventory integrity
Obsolete stock and inventory cleanse adjustment process introduced


Operational Analysis & Process ImprovementCustomer Data Analysis Warranty Administration Management Performance Management Program

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