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Our Programs

apd Australia’s unique 3-part approach guarantees your business improvement


apd research and analysis programs generate real time data from customer research, operations audit, benchmark analysis and financial viability studies, presented on custom dashboards.

Contact.360 & 360SLR

What is Contact.360?


Contact.360 is apd’s unique customer information program, voted Best New Customer Initiative at the 2009 Fleet News Awards, that measures satisfaction levels across a spectrum of outsourced and internal sources.

Using pre-agreed business rules and KPI’s, the Contact.360 program ensures any customer dissatisfaction can be recorded for later review. Automated alerts and rapid resolution of dissatisfaction processes (RRPD) guarantee customers the correct levels of communication and help supplier management locate weaknesses in service delivery.

Customised to fit your corporate guidelines, a single, integrated platform combines all the features necessary to monitor satisfaction levels as they change. The simple-to-use program minimises training time, maximises individual productivity, and enables customers to quickly and easily understand their B2C relationships.

What is 360SLR?

360SLR is apd’s customer information program that measures the levels of customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Recommendation at source across a spectrum of outsourced and internal “touch points”.

Satisfaction, Loyalty and Recommendation are the key influencers of Customer Satisfaction retention. This product ensures that customers can complete online surveys (phone and SMS options are also available on request) in real-time so that your business can react immediately to customer feedback and be proactive in continuous improvement.

Where Can I Try Contact.360?

A Contact.360 demonstration site is available for you to view the cosmetics, functionality and simplicity of a program that is revolutionising CRM, free of charge for 7 days.

Simply email admin@apd-australia.com.au and indicate that you would like to register for a demo version of Contact.360 and a team member from apd Australia will contact you. Please include a phone number in your email and indicate your demo preference, ie OEM, Fleet or Retail Business.

Contact.360 pdf360SLR pdf


Our unique “insights” approach to data aggregation and analysis provide clients with clear insights into cause, allowing the drivers of improvement and growth to be identified and targeted.

Operations/Process Audits

The Operational Assessment

apd’s team of automotive industry experts in Dealer Operations perform an assessment on a Service Department.

The following aspects of Dealer operations and performance are reviewed during the assessment:

Process management

Operational performance (Numbers)

SWOT analysis


Time management

Organisation structure review

Job descriptions

Staff reviews (360)

Facility optimisation


Once the assessment is completed a report is compiled and presented to the Dealership Management team to discuss the findings.

Operational Assessment pdf

Mystery Shopping

apd Australia offers a range of Mystery Shopping programs to suit Dealers and OEMs for both Sales and Aftersales.

The Mystery Shopping program is undertaken by a team of professional shoppers specifically selected for each project.

Our mystery shoppers use a tailored and consistent process to provide an in-depth analysis on specified outcomes, based on the following criteria:

Implementation of process

Product knowledge competency

  Price comparison – specific model builds

  Understanding  the service core process

  Service technical fault diagnosis


What Is ProfitPlanner?

ProfitPlanner is apd’s market-leading automotive dealer planning software. An important aid to investment planning, ProfitPlanner is designed to simplify the budgeting complexities of automotive dealerships and comprehensively assess their future viability. Whether they be 12-month budgets or 5-year viability plans, ProfitPlanner is easy to use and focused on operational use, and includes graphical reporting to show key areas of the plans progress throughout the process.

Composite data can be imported into ProfitPlanner to give a side-by-side comparison of actual data with budget data, to assist with realistic forecasting. ProfitPlanner can also be imported into iCIS (internet Composite Input System) and links to apd’s DOCs (Daily Operating Controls), allowing the user to monitor daily financial performance against the budget.

Where Can I Buy ProfitPlanner?

Simply email admin@apd-australia.com.au and indicate that you would like to register for a trial version (or full version) of ProfitPlanner and a team member from apd Australia will be in contact with you. Please include your email address.

You will be guided through the purchase, download and installation of your new product.

The license key will be emailed to you.

You will receive one year of free gold level support with the product.

You can also choose to purchase an optional training package where one of our Product Support team will arrange a one-to-one webinar session to give you personalized training on how to use the product and how to get the most out of your business plan.

iCIS pdfDOCs pdfProfitPlanner pdf


Standards, processes, skills development and mentoring – apd’s suite of capabilities ensures that development programs work by aligning to success drivers and strategic objectives.


apd Australia draws on extensive industry knowledge, experience and understanding to provide effective and measurable results oriented automotive training programs for management and staff.

apd’s automotive training solutions cover all areas of staff training, including:

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Preparing an appropriate training program and session plan

Designing, developing and producing course materials

Delivering the program to course participants

apd is able to accommodate any training formats or structures required and provide qualified, experienced trainers relevant to the client’s training needs.

Standards Programs

Effective brand and network management relies on a number of factors, including the management of facility and operational standards.

“Standards” defines a basis for comparison and calibration; assessment of a business’s place and means of conducting business.

An effective standards program ensures that business are continually assessed, with improvements recommended and supported where required.

Without documented and measurable standards, performance in regard to customer and functional management will be variable and difficult to control.

Similarly, brand representation will be variable and often below the level required by the brand.

The Operating Standards will include a detailed key performance indicator evaluation process, allowing continuous evaluation, assessment and development of the business.

This program can be developed for deployment in physical (hard copy – operations manuals) and web based versions and will be supported by a detailed audit and continuous improvement process.

Process Development

For any business it is important that their operating processes are current and form the foundation of the business operations. If there are not any consistent processes in place it allows inconsistencies to creep into the business and the customer experience will be affected.

apd’s 6 step process development engagement starts with a complete review of all business practices. This review provides the ‘stake in the ground’ (the “start point”) for the development of processes.

A standard set of core processes is tailored for each individual client, brand or dealership. The core processes are related to standard operating procedures (SOP’s), business process, and global best practice and are delivered in a format that can be easily followed and disseminated throughout the client’s business (and network) to ensure that the customer experience is one that is consistent and memorable.

 Our team of industry experts in Dealer Operations create, design and compose “Best Practice Processes” for your Service Department ready for implementation.

 This is a 6 step program that will enhance the Customer Experience in your business. Download the pdf file for more information.

Process Development pdf