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Warranty Administration Management
apd Australia’s “Dealer Assessment” equipped Agricultural/Construction Dealership Service Department to manage Warranty Audit aftermath and subsequent related sites Warranty Audits


A large single franchised Dealer Service Department was in jeopardy of significant loss due to audit chargebacks resulting from ineffective warranty administration management.


The dealership was experiencing a six figure exposure to warranty chargebacks due to poor management of warranty processes. apd Australia was contracted to carry out a Dealership “front to back” process review to identify underlying issues and areas for immediate improvement.

Warranty AdministrationSolution

apd Australia carried out a detailed process and operational audit, identifying major and correcting systemic process management issues.

Causal analysis identified many process gaps:

Work and appointment scheduling was very poor (often with nil pre-appointment)
Repair Orders (RO’s) were not pre-raised, Technician records of work were incomplete in many cases and not supportive of repairs
Retention of, tagging and quarantine of replaced parts inconsistent
Quality management systems lacking

Through structured meetings with the Dealer Principal, Service Manager and key service staff, specific action plans were created and implemented in order of priority.

Best Practice1.  Chargeback risk further reduced through secondary site audits

Assistance provided to the Lead Auditor on site to ensure documentation on hand
OEM discussion support at review stage of audit to analyse issues and identify chargeback finding exclusions
Staff education program developed to articulate critical importance of warranty process adherence

2.  Chargebacks incurred were subsequently managed to optimum results

OEM satisfied with the ongoing Dealer Group process review
Improved workshop practices and documentation introduced for all repair types
Working to scheduled operation codes as per appointments made
Quality management process introduced
Improved working relationship with OEM as audit results explored and discussed in full


Operational Analysis & Process ImprovementCustomer Data Analysis Process Improvement Plan Performance Management Program

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