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Operational Analysis & Process Improvement
apd Dealer Assessment reduced 4 week lead time and increased Customer Satisfaction and Profitability


A large single franchised Dealer Service department was losing customers through long lead times and ineffective management of customer expectation.


The dealership was experiencing increasing lead times and had poor CSI (Customer Service Index) related to customer communication, scheduling, not all work completed and vehicle not ready on time. The situation was compounded by an increase in vehicle recalls, creating further capacity issues and booking delays.


apd Australia conducted a dealer assessment, evaluating the effectiveness of service operational process management against manufacturer operational processes (standards).

Lead TimeCausal analysis identified the following process issues:

Scheduling by volume not by hours
Lack of scheduling for time in and time out
Workflow Management
Quality Management
Invoicing procedures
Handover Processes

Through structured meetings with the Dealer Principal, Service Manager and key service staff, specific action plans were created and implemented in order of priority. The measurement, monitoring and alignment of processes over a period of twelve (12) weeks highlighted the following successes:

1.  Lead Time dropped from 20 days to 7 days

Case Study 1 Sales Increase Driven by understanding of hours available and selling hours
Scheduling time in and time out
Workflow management

2.  Service Sales increased by $13,000 per day

Driven by selling to capacity
Increased Productivity and Efficiency
Better workshop practices
Working to scheduled timelines
Quality management

3.  Customer Satisfaction improved in the following areas:

Finished on time


Customer Data Analysis Process Improvement Plan Warranty Administration Management Performance Management Program

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.