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Customer Data Analysis
Customer Data Analysis identified quality issues as largest area for improvement following the implementation of apd Australia’s “360 CSI” program


An OEM that started a Customer Satisfaction program with unknown Data Quality issues.

Data AnalysisChallenge

The OEM had underestimated the data quality issues during Customer Data collection at touch-points across the dealer network. apd Australia conducted a customer data analysis program, whereby data was quarantined and excluded from the system due to either errors or missing data during Customer Satisfaction data processing. This impacted the ability to survey customers for the CSI program.


apd Australia in conjunction with the client developed an Executive Summary to track data quality issues. Stringent data quality processing rules were applied to the incoming data to measure the data quality.

InsightsData Quality Measures:

Customer Name
Dealer Name
Driver Name
Business/Home Phone Number
Mobile Number
Email Address
VIN Number
Model Code
KM Reading
Delivery Date
Repair Date
Privacy Codes

Providing insights from the data apd was able to identify gaps in the data quality and inform the client which dealers required assistance. As a result of the creation of the Executive Summary the overall data quality (all information supplied) has increased from 43% to 86% in 12 months. This improved the ability to contact customers therefore providing increased feedback to the dealers on their customer comments.


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