Automotive dealers need effective processes as the foundation of their businesses. Without them, staff activity is random because, even though we train staff in “our way of operating”, this becomes open to interpretation resulting in customer appointments and logs not being kept, the service driveway is backlogged, deals are lost and service retention is low.

Here are my 3 reasons why processes are the foundation of the successful Dealership:

1.  Culture

Culture is determined by the leadership team and the staff. It defines values and perspectives, and a positive culture is essential for customer service. Processes are essential in allowing the culture to be transmitted to customers in a consistent manner and be recognisable as a competitive advantage.

2.  Staff Productivity & Efficiency

Effective processes ensure that staff members are more productive in all of their daily tasks. They allow staff to understand what their colleagues’ roles and responsibilities are and how they are performed, which enables high standards of teamwork and communication.

3.  Customer Experience

How customers are treated and how they evaluate their experience at the Dealership is often a direct reflection of staff performance and the processes they operate under. By effectively surveying customers after each experience they have with the Dealership –  using the right questions – any gaps in the processes can be easily identified. The gaps can then, in turn, be tuned and refined to evolve and improve the processes.

If your culture, your processes and your staff are right, you will be delivering exceptional customer experiences – which will be reflected in your excellent CSI scores and customer retention. If not, visit our website and review our case studies to see how apd Australia develops and implements process change that optimises the customer experience at automotive Dealerships.